BCS East Anglia The Future of Work: IoT and the Workspace (and Branch AGM)

6:45 PM to 9:00 PM

Citrix Systems Research Development Ltd , Building 101 Cambridge Science Park , Milton Road, Cambridge , CB4 0FY
Organiser: BCS East Anglia Branch
Price: FOC to both BCS and Non BCS Members
The Future of Work: using IoT to change how employees interact with their physical and digital workspaces

When we think of IoT we often think about things, protocols, security and all the moving parts necessary for things to talk to each other. But, just as the Internet is much more than computers talking to each other via IP, the Internet of Things is much more than a bunch of things talking to each other via networks. IoT is one of a set of technologies that enables the next generation of human-computer interaction, providing rich user experiences that extend beyond the traditional interface of screen, keyboard and mouse.

In this session we'll explore how IoT is enabling digital transformation within the workplace and see a number of examples and demos of IoT tools and techniques bringing a wide range of things and services into everyday workflows. We'll take a look at some of the work being done within Citrix to enable the future of work, including our Workspace IoT vision and our Octoblu IoT platform. 

Speakers:  James Bulpin (Citrix Systems & Ben Davies (Citrix Systems)