BCS West Yorkshire - Microservice Plumbing

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

DHEZ Ltd , The Digital Exchange, Bradford, West Yorkshire , BD1 5BD
Organiser: BCS West Yorkshire
Price: FOC to both BCS and Non BCS Members
The Bradford University are delighted to be collaborating with the West Yorkshire branch of the BCS to organise the talk:  Microservice Plumbing with Glynn Bird.

"Microservices" is a word that means lots of things to lots of people. Building systems as a collection of microservices instead of large monolith can make your IT systems more maintainable and scalable.

We'll explore ways in which microservices can communicate and how work and configuration can flow through the system. We'll also look at the latest microservice buzzword: "serverless" computing.
Technologies addressed: RabbitMQ, Cloudant, Apache Kafka, Redis, OpenWhisk

Glynn started in research and development, creating sensors and control systems for the steel industry. He became a web developer for a business directory service, creating search technology, CRM systems and automated telephony. He is now a Developer Advocate for IBM's Watson Data Platform.

This event is sponsored by BCS West Yorkshire, Bradford BCS Student Chapter, the University of Bradford Computer Science and DHEZ.org