BCS EASG - Enterprise Systems Architecture - A Primer

6:15 PM

Deloitte , Saltire Court 20 Castle Terrace Edinburgh , EH1 2DB
Organiser: BCS Enterprise Architecture
Price: Free of Charge
The presentation will present a solid view of Enterprise Systems Architecture with a deep dive into the associated architectural artefacts.

Speaker Daljit Banger 
Daljit will use the GDPR as an example of how an external factor such as a government legislation can impact the technology landscape of an organisation and how the impact should be analysed.

Speaker Colin Smart  - Programme Architecture: the missing link?

Within the IT world, we have long lived with the view that there are two types of architectural practice: Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture. The former handles governance, standards, and aspects of the change portfolio to provide a context for the latter, which covered the architecture of the actual change in the project. In this talk, I would argue for a third form of architectural practice - Programme Architecture, which comes between the context setting of Enterprise Architecture and the implementation focus of Solution Architecture